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About Senatus Business Solutions

Reception Area (Merthyr Tydfil Office)

Senatus Business Solutions has evolved around a simple principle; Small and Medium Enterprises need to  be able to perform at their best, in difficult and testing times, to an agreed standard and, most importantly, need to go home at the end of a long day and relax.

The problem is that most business cannot do this. There are any number of administrative duties to perform; some simple, some onerous, some required but not essential and some demanding the SME owners immediate and undivided attention.

To make things worse, this administration usually time eats into work time, meaning non productive and therefore probably non-earning or personal, family and relaxing time.

Therefore there was a gap in the market locally to perform this function for the SME family - to help resolve the conflict between productive and non productive time for SME’s.

Senatus Business Solutions does just that.

It was designed to perform those jobs that SME’s do not or cannot devote time to but are essential or required for the safe and legislative operation of the SME business. A simple, monthly payment, relieves the SME of all of the tiresome and tedious administration works, from Accountancy Solutions, Book Keeping, Payroll, Human Resources and much more.

Senatus Business Solutions - your trusted solution to your SME administration needs.

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